Bank Related Questions For TMB Clerk Exams

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Below are given bank related questions which you can expect in awareness section in bank exams.

Question 1

Money Laundering means _______.

a) Money earned in illegal way

b) Money earned in legal way

c) Both a & b

d) None of these

Answer : a) Money earned in illegal way

Question 2

The account maintained by a custodian bank for maintenance and servicing of dematerialized government securities owned by a retail customer is _____.

a) Savings account

b) Current account

c) Gilt account

d) None of these

Answer : c) Gilt account

Question 3

Gilts with a maturity less than 3 years is called as ______ .

a) Short

b) Ultra short

c) Long

d) Ultra long

e) Medium

Answer : b) Ultra short

Question 4

Which of the following tools is not a Qualitative Credit Control tool ?

a) Moral Suasion

b) Rationing of credit

c) Marginal Requirement

d) Bank rate

Answer : d) Bank rate

Question 5

Credit Authorization Scheme was introduced by _______.

a) P.C.Bhattacharya

b) I.G.Patel

c) K.R.Puri

d) R.N.Malhotra

Answer : a) P.C.Bhattacharya

Question 6

Credit Authorization Scheme is a tool of ______.

a) Qualitative Credit Control

b) Quantitative Credit Control

c) Both a & b

d) None of these

Answer : b) Quantitative Credit Control

Question 7

The loan given to the needy to help them self employed is ______.

a) Microcredit

b) Payday loan

c) Leveraged loan

d) None of these

Answer : a) Microcredit

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