Crack IBPS Exams 2017: 4 Tips To Beat Exam Fear, From Today!


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You know that 3 major IBPS exams are upcoming (RRB in Sep, PO in Oct, tentatively). Is the very sound of the word “exams” making you nervous? You have to fight the fear to perform at your full ability. In this post, you will see four powerful tips that you can start using from today.

Tip 1: Enjoy The Preparation; Forget The Exams

Do you think Einstein or Ramanujam were working hard due to the fear of the future? Absolutely No! They achieved because they enjoyed research and mathematics respectively. While Ramanujam was known to work with problems for days Einstein did the same in his scientific research. They were obsessed with their work because they enjoyed the process. Similarly, if you have to do well in exams, forget about the results but start enjoying the preparation. Find new ways in which you can enjoy learning. For example, attempt extremely tough problems, work hard even for hours and try to solve them on your own. After hours of hard work, when you get your answers, the happiness you receive cannot be explained in words!

Tip 2: Don’t Attach Yourself To Results

The main cause of exam fear is the worry of results. On a limited scale, the fear could help you. But if the fear causes you to hate your studies, it is the right time to stop worrying about the results. Several philosophers advocate this: Do not get attached to the results, but work wholeheartedly.

Tip 3: Realize The Simple Truth That Knowledge Will Slowly Beat Exam Fear

The mind does not have a magic switch. You cannot turn off exam fear just like that. However, you can slowly improve your confidence. You should always motivate yourself by realizing a simple truth. The truth is that, as you prepare regularly, your knowledge grows day-by-day and finally your exam fear will wear off.

Tip 4: Past Is Past And Present Is Your “Present” i.e Gift

Thoughts about past bad performances in college or other exams is a confidence killer. You should always realize that the past is past and you can do nothing about it. And bank exams do not care about your past performances other than basic eligibility criteria. If the exam organizers do not worry about your performance, why you are hanging to those thoughts? Forget the past and work in the present. You know the word “present” means “gift”. Yes, this present moment is a gift to you which you should use to your fullest ability.

Hope the above tips will help you. All the very best!

IBPS Exams 2017 are beginning in 4-5 months from now (RRB in Sep and PO in Oct, tentatively). Prepare fast and well to make use of the big opportunity. All the best.

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