IBPS PO 2017: 2 No-Fear Tips To Answer Twisted Questions

Twisted Questions

Dear Reader,
You know the much awaited IBPS PO exams are starting in Oct (5 months!). Unlike the clerical exams, You can expect PO exams to be difficult. Usually, the questions will not be direct and simple. Instead, you will most probably get twisted questions that are tough. Below are 2 tips to help you answer such hard questions in PO exams.

Tip 1: Prepare On Level Of Even Tougher Exams Like CAT
A simple technique to prepare for a tough exam is to prepare on the level of even tougher exams. Everyone knows CAT exams are extremely tough. Even the best of the brilliant candidates struggle in CAT. Questions will be twisted to an extent unimaginable. Several syllabus topics are common in both PO and CAT exams. If you prepare like you are going to attend tougher exams like CAT, Bank PO exams will be much easier for you. If you have time and determination, you can even use CAT books to prepare important topics.

Tip 2: Try Setting A Question Paper
This task is an interesting one. All you have to do is to assume you are the person who is setting the questions for PO exam. Think from the point of view of a question-setter and prepare the questions. Start with direct questions and introduce twists into the question. You can even ask your friends to try answering the question. If your friends struggle to crack those questions, you are on the right track! If they find them easy, you have to improve your skills.

Hopefully, the above two tips will help you to score well in the upcoming PO exams. All the very best!

IBPS Exams 2017 are beginning in 4-5 months from now (PO in Oct and RRB in Sep, tentatively). Prepare fast and well to make use of the big opportunity. All the best.

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