IBPS PO 2017: 3 Tips To Solve Completely NEW Pattern Questions


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You would be preparing seriously for the IBPS PO 2017 exams that begin in few months! (Oct). You would have encountered the following situation before: In spite of learning all important pattern/types of questions, a few ones can be entirely new in exams. Below are 3 tips to tackle those situations.

Tip 1: Enjoy The Challenge Like A New Level Of Game
The greatest mindset you should develop is to enjoy the difficult questions. In childhood days, you would have enjoyed every difficult level in a video game right? Develop the same enthusiastic mindset while solving a completely new pattern question. This type of thinking will do far good than getting scared. Ultimately, a concept is a concept regardless of how much the question is twisted. Hence, if you are strong in the concepts, you would be able to solve a question, however new it may be.

Tip 2: Never Get Struck If Much Time Is Elapsing
Consider the following case: You will be confident of answering a new pattern question. However, once you start solving, you will be taking more time will be elapsing than expected, If there arises as a situation where you feel the question is extremely time-consuming, it may be better to skip that question. Therefore, you will free up your time to answer 2 or easier questions.

Tip 3: Realize That Everyone Faces The Same Competition
If you are a person who panics once you see a completely new type of question, you should definitely follow this advice. Just think of your fellow competitors. Say to yourself that a question that is tough for you is tough for everyone. One who panics will most probably go wrong, and one who stays cool (You!) should be able to crack the question.

Hopefully, the above two tips will help you to score well in the upcoming PO exams. All the very best!

IBPS Exams 2017 are beginning in 4-5 months from now (PO in Oct and RRB in Sep, tentatively). Prepare fast and well to make use of the big opportunity. All the best.

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