How to Solve Reading Comprehension Questions in SBI PO


English is a critical and fundamental piece of each competitive exam. Be it SBI PO, SSC CGL or UPSC papers, English holds a weightage of 40-50 marks. Subsequently, we as a whole can comprehend the significance of scoring good marks here. English paper includes editing, detect the errors, synonyms, and rearrange the sentence and so on. One of the important sections is comprehension passages which we will be discussing in this blog.

What is comprehension?
It is a passage given in which you have to examine, comprehend and answer the questions that take after. A portion of the passages may be straightforward while some other may not be. You have to comprehend the section before getting down to the questions. Here we convey to you few hints that would make it simple for you to approach and tackle the questions with ease.

Tips for solving comprehension related questions for SBI PO

  • Read the section precisely. This is the essence of understanding the whole passage. You have to focus on the understanding deliberately. Try not to examine half and expect the evidence to speak for itself (of remaining passages). For instance, in managing an account PO paper if certain perspectives are passed on the present keeping money framework DO NOT wrongly read a large portion of the passage and guess what the rest will be all about. What you read may be especially unique in relation to what is written in the whole passage.
  • After the first read, read the questions once. This is essential. The questions will give you the thought from which part the questions are inquired. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the correct response to the question then you have to read that piece of the section once more. Reading the questions before reading the passage will give you an idea about the areas that are most important in order for you to score marks.
  • In the passage, while understanding you will discover few words in bold. Make a note of those words. When you read the questions you will discover questions identifying with those words. Either equivalent words or antonyms will be asked in the questions. If you don’t have a clue about the word, read the line once more. You will comprehend what the meaning of the line is and henceforth there is a plausibility that the significance (if not the correct word reference) will turn out to be clear to you and you will have the capacity to answer its synonym or antonym.
  • Typically another basic question is to choose a reasonable title for the passage. For this, you have to understand and re-read the passage till the importance is clear. We can trust that after 2 quick reads the significance and the feelings of the section will turn out to be clear to some degree.
  • Another commonly asked question is what the creator is attempting to depict in the passage or what creator’s interpretation of the subject is and so forth. Once more, these questions will be very easy to answer after you read the passages repeatedly. The alternatives given in the appropriate response will be near each other. This question is quite easy to answer if you know the underlying theme of this passage.
  • If you discover the section is too difficult for you to understand, DO NOT attempt the related questions in heat of moment by making guesses. In the event that you can’t comprehend, leave the question and attempt the less demanding follow-up questions which do not require in depth knowledge of the passage. The synonym, antonym questions will be truly simple. In the exam you won’t discover such a great amount of time to commit to one question. Spending a lot of time on only one question will lead to you losing the marks from questions you already know the answers to.

How to solve Reading Comprehension for SBI PO?

Practice before the exam

  • Attempting comprehension sections are normally trailed by various questions that will evaluate your capacity to comprehend and fundamentally examine the data given, your vocabulary and syntax, now and again, how well you compose.
  • Since the weightage of these sections for each placement test is pretty high, you should take a good attempt at trying to master them by attempting test question papers and past papers for the specific exam that you are planning for.
  • This will give you a thought of the difficulty level and also the sorts of passages asked and you would then be able to continue as needs are.

Work on your vocabulary

  • This is a standout amongst the most vital parts of getting ready for comprehension passages.
  • A decent vocabulary and syntax is an unquestionable requirement in the event that you need to be an expert at these exams.
  • It’s implied that until and unless you totally comprehend what the section is stating, you won’t have the capacity to answer the questions following it.
  • What’s more, since some comprehension sections can be very intense, you require great dialect abilities to have the capacity to comprehend it.
  • Likewise, an immense vocabulary will prove to be useful if the passage has antonym and synonym questions tailing it.
  • So begin perusing well reputed books, daily papers and put down the new words you realize when you are getting ready.

Manage time properly

  • A considerable measure relies on how well you time yourself.
  • Ensure, while you get ready for the understanding sections at home, to keep a watch close within reach and record to what time it takes for you to
    1. Read a section deliberately
    2. Finish every one of the questions that follow it.
  • In the event that you invest excessively energy in the passage, you may come up short on time while noting different questions.

Work on different subjects

  • Presently the comprehension passages could be identified with any subject and do not have to be related to finance or business.
  • In any case, the best part about all appreciation passages is that all the data that you have to answer questions will be contained in the passage itself.
  • You should simply read it deliberately and gather the significant bits from the large amount of data present in the passage.

Practice different types of questions

  • The questions that take after the section can be reality based, or derivation based.
  • It could likewise be vocabulary based or topic based.
  • The last two are the least demanding and it is best to attempt these first and get sure shot marks from these easy questions.
  • At last, go for the guessing based questions as these will be somewhat harder and will require you to apply your mind somewhat more.

Focus while attempting

  • In conclusion, it is of most extreme significance that you give your fullest thoughtfulness regarding the current passage.
  • Giving your mind a chance to meander while you read will just make it important for you to reread the passage over and over, until you understand it. Hence, we recommend that you pay full attention the first time so that you don’t have to do it repeatedly.

We hope that this article has helped you understand all about the Reading comprehension section in SBI PO Exam. We hope that now you will be able to attempt these questions with ease and improve your score because of them. To attempt free questions based on RC & other important topics you can download our app.

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