Profit and Loss Problems Practice Test

Profit and Loss Problems Practice Test
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This test is a part of 7 Types Of Profit And Loss Problems To Gain Easy Marks In Bank Exams

1) A TV is purchased for Rs.3000 and sold for Rs.2500. Find the profit or loss percentage.
2) Anu bought oranges at the rate of 10 for Rs.40 and sold them at the rate of 15 for Rs.75. How many oranges should be sold to make a net profit of Rs.50?
3) A shopkeeper sold two dolls at Rs.500 each. He sold one at 20% of loss and other at 20% profit. Find his profit or loss percentage.
4) A dishonest dealer uses a scale of 80cm instead of a metre scale and claims to sell at cost price. His profit is ___ .
5) A manufacturer sells a pair of sarees to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 15%. The wholesale dealer sells the same to a retailer at a profit of 20%. The retailer in turn sells them to customer for Rs.250. Find the cost price of the manufacturer, if the retailer makes a profit of 30%.
6) Arun got 20% concession on the labeled price of an article and sold it for Rs.5000 with 15% profit on the price he bought. What was the labeled price ?
7) The ratio between the cost price and selling price of an article is 4:7. Find the ratio between the profit and cost price of that article.

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