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Question 1

Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the one who won the presidency for the fourth consecutive time in ______.

a) Bangkok, Thailand

b) Beijing, China

c) Algiers, Algeria

d) Jakarta, Indonesia

Answer : c) Algiers, Algeria

Question 2

India's first double-decker flyover was opened at _______.

a) Bangalore

b) Mumbai

c) Hyderabad

d) Pune

Answer : b) Mumbai

Question 3

Name the person of India who won the 2014 Thailand Tour men's title of ABF.

a) Yousif Falah

b) Chris

c) EricTseng

d) Shaik Abdul

Answer : d) Shaik Abdul

Note: ABF - Asian Bowling Federation.

Question 4

International Mother Earth Day was observed on _____.

a) 22 April

b) 21 March

c) 25 March

d) 19 February

Answer : a) 22 April

Question 5

World's fastest land animal is ____.

a) Cheetah

b) Californian Mite

c) Pronghorn

d) springbok

Answer : b) Californian Mite

Question 6

Name the person who has received 2014 CIF's Chachalani Global Indian Award in IT Sector.

a) J.R.D. Tata

b) NR Narayana Murthy

c) Larry Page

d) Mark Zuckerberg

Answer: b) NR Narayana Murthy

Question 7

World's first Solar Jet fuel using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide (Co2) was developed by scientists in _____.

a) Europe

b) Germany

c) Japan

d) Kenya

Answer : a) Europe

Question 8

London got its domain name called .London on ____.

a) 25 April 2014

b) 15 March 2014

c) 29 April 2014

d) 5 April 2014

Answer : c) 29 April 2014

Question 9

Name the place where world's highest tunnel for high-speed train was opened.

a) USA

b) China

c) London

d) Japan

Answer : b) China

Question 10

Who has ranked No 1 in Twenty20 International Team ranking?

a) Sri Lanka

b) Bangladesh

c) West Indies

d) India

Answer : d) India

Question 11

When did India successfully test fired Akash missile from Chandipur?

a) 1 May 2014

b) 2 May 2014

c) 29 April 2014

d) 15 April 2014

Answer : b) 2 May 2014

Question 12

In India, Election Queue Management System was introduced during Lok Sabha election 2014 in ______

a) Puri, Odisha

b) Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

c) Bijapur, Karnataka

d) Budwan, West Bengal

Answer: d) Budwan, West Bengal

Question 13

Find the number of Indians who won Harvard Business School New Venture Competition awards.

a) Four

b) Five

c) Three

d) Six

Answer : a) Four

Question 14

World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on ______.

a) 1 May

b) 3 May

c) 7 May

d) 11 May

Answer : b) 3 May

Question 15

When did Royal Nay Submarine Service has appointed first female submariners?

a) 5 May 2014

b) 6 May 2014

c) 7 April 2014

d) 5 April 2014

Answer : a) 5 May 2014

Question 16

RBI sanctioned to open Savings bank accounts for the minors of age above ____ years.

a) 15

b) 12

c) 10

d) 13

Answer : c) 10

Question 17

World Snooker Championship 2014 was won by ____.

a) Ronnie O'Sullivan

b) John Higgins

c) Mark Selby

d) Neil Robertson

Answer : c) Mark Selby

Question 18

Who has ranked no 1 in ICC One Day International rankings?

a) G J Bailey

b) S Dhawan

c) Virat Kohli

d) R L Taylor

Answer : c) Virat Kohli

Question 19

International Arch of Europe Award is received by ____.

a) Indian Aviation Academy (IAA)

b) World Trade Organization (WTO)

c) International Nongovernmental Organizations (INGOs)

d) Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

Answer : a) Indian Aviation Academy (IAA)

Question 20

New Frontiers Award 2104 is received by _____.

a) Philippines

b) Japan

c) India

d) Denmark

Answer : c) India

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