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Partnership Problems Solved Questions (Page 3 of 4)

Question 1

Roshan started a business by investing Rs.10,000. After 6 months Ahamed joined with him by investing Rs.16,000. At the end of 3 years they gained Rs.49000 then the share of Roshan is:

a) Rs.20,000 b) Rs.12,000 c) Rs.18,000 d) Rs.21,000

Answer : d) Rs.21,000

Solution :

Roshan invests Rs.10,000 for 3 years (36 months).
And Ahamed invests Rs.16,000 for 30 months. Then,
Roshan : Ahamed = (10,000 x 36) : (16,000 x 30)
36 : 16x3 = 12:16 = 3:4
Therefore,Roshan's share = Rs.(3/7 x 49,000) = Rs.21000
Hence the answer is Rs.21,000.

Question 2

Mathan started a business by investing Rs.18,000. After 5 months, Asha joined with him by investing Rs.16,000. If at the end of the year, they earn a profit of Rs.13,490 then Asha's share is:

a) Rs.4760 b) Rs.9840 c) Rs.3940 d) Rs.3860

Answer : a) Rs.4760

Solution :

Mathan invests Rs.18,000 for a year. (12 months).
And Asha invests Rs.16,000 for 7 months. Then,
Mathan : Asha = (18,000 x 12) : (16,000 x 7)
18x12 : 16x7 = 27:14
Therefore, Asha's share = Rs. 14/41 x 13,940 = Rs.4760

Question 3

Sethu and Siva started a business by investing Rs.4000 and Rs.3000 respectively. After 6 months, Ajay joined with them by investing Rs.4000. At the end of 2 years they earned a profit of Rs.5000 then what will be Siva's share?

a) Rs.1200 b) Rs.1500 c) Rs.1900 d) Rs.1300

Answer : b) Rs.1500

Solution :

Sethu invests Rs.4000 for 24 months, Ajay invests Rs.3000 for 24 months and Ajay invests Rs.4000 for 18 months.
Sethu:Siva:Ajay = (4000x24):(3000x24):(4000x18)
= 4x24 : 3x24 : 4x18
= 4 : 3 : 3
Therefore, Siva's share = Rs.5000 x 3/10 = Rs.1500

Question 4

Mary and John started a business. Mary invests Rs.5000 for 16 months and John invests Rs.6000 for 20 months. If they earned a profit of Rs.4510 then the share of Mary is:

a) Rs.1804 b) Rs.2095 c) Rs.1203 d) Rs.1592

Answer : a) Rs.1804

Solution :

Ratio of their shares = (5000x16) : (6000x20)
= 5x16 : 6x20
= 16 : 24 = 2:3
Then, Mary's share = Rs.(4510 x 2/5) = Rs.902 x 2 = Rs.1804

Partnership Problems Solved Questions (Page 3 of 4)

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