Syllogism Question For SBI PO

Dear Reader,
Below are given syllogism questions for your practice.

Question 1
Some teachers are graduates.
Some graduates are post-graduates.

Conclusion :

I. All teachers are not graduates.
II. All teachers are post-graduates.

a) Only I follows b) Only II follows c) Both I & II follows d) No conclusion

Answer : d) No conclusion

Reason :

The predicates are given correctly and they are in their form.

Both the statements are Partially Positive statement. With the two partial statements we cannot derive a conclusion.

Hence the answer is no conclusion.

Question 2
No roses are flowers.
Some flowers are lotus.

Conclusion :

I. All flowers are roses.
II. Some roses are not lotus.

a) Only I follows b) Only II follows c) Both I & II follows d) No conclusion

Answer : b) Only II follows

Reason :

The predicates and their form are correct.

The first statement given is a Universally Negative statement. (Universally negative statement will contain No, None, Not many....)

The second statement is the Partially Positive statement.

Universally Negative and Partially Positive statement leads to Partially Negative conclusion.

Hence the conclusion II follows.

Question 3
All poets are writers.
All writers are readers.

Conclusion :

I. All poets are readers.
II. Some readers are poets.

a) Only I follows b) Only II follows c) Both I & II follows d) No conclusion

Answer : c) Both I & II follows

Reason :

The predicates and their form are correct.

Both the statements are Universally Positive.

Two universally positive statement leads to universally positive conclusion as per the rule.i.e. All poets are readers.

So most of you would tend to answer Only I follows. But this is not the correct answer. While analysing these statements, you should also check with the options given.

In the option, there is Both I & II follows. So you have to check the possibility of 'is there any other conclusion'.

If the above universal positive conclusion is converted to Particular Positive, you will get "Some readers are poets" which is also a conclusion for the statement.

Hence you have to analyse with all the possibilities before concluding.

Thus the answer is Both I & II conclusion follows the statement.

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