Syllogism Questions For Bank Exams

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Below given are syllogism questions which you can expect in bank PO and clerk exams. Here each question is solved with explanation for your reference.Have a note of the procedure so that you can solve in exams.

Question 1
All apples are fruits.
Some fruits are oranges.

Conclusion :
I. Some apples are oranges.
II. Some oranges are apples.

a) Only I follows b) Only II follows c) Both I & II follows d) No conclusion

Answer : d) No conclusion

Reason :

While solving these type of questions, you have to keep in mind certain points.

1. In the statement there should be only 3 predicates or subject. If there is more than 3, the statement can be solved or concluded.

Here in the question, there are 3 predicates (apples, oranges, fruits) so we can proceed with the next step.

2. Now check whether the predicates are in the correct form i.e predicate should be in the form X ---> Y, Y ---> Z, then only we can conclude X ----> Z.

This condition is also satisfied in our question.

3. Next check with the type of the statement, there are 4 types of statement they are,

a) Universal Positive, b) Universal Negative, c) Partially Positive d) Partially Negative. Let's see about these types of statements in detail in later examples.

As per our question, first statement is universal positive. ( universal positive statement will contain - all, every )

Second statement is partially positive because we are not referring all fruits. Among fruits some are oranges. (partially positive statement will contain - some, a few, many ...)

If the question contains universal positive and partially positive statement, then you can say there is no conclusion. ------ Rule 1

From the statement itself we can say that apples cannot be oranges. Apples are different from oranges.

Question 2
All cars are buses.
All buses are van.

Conclusion :
I. Some cars are van
II. All cars are van

a) Only I follows b) Only II follows c) Both I & II follows d) No conclusion

Answer : b) Only II follows

Reason :

1. The statement contains only 3 predicates.

2. The predicates are in their form.

3. The first statement is Universal positive and the second statement is also Universal positive.

If both the statements are universal positive then the conclusion should also be a universal positive. -------- Rule 2

From the conclusion we can say that conclusion II follows the statement. Hence the answer.

Question 3
All plants are green
All trees are green

Conclusion :
I. Some plants are trees
II. Some trees are plants

a) Only I follows b) Only II follows c) Both I & II follows d) No conclusion

Answer : d) No conclusion

Reason :

1. The statement contains 3 predicates.

2. The statements are not in the form. Hence we have to convert the statement. For converting the statement you have to follow the following rules.

a) Universal positive can be converted into Partially Positive.

b) Universal negative can be converted to Partially negative or Universal negative.

c) Partially Positive can be converted into Partially positive.

d) Partially negative cannot be converted.

In our question, we may leave the first statement. Let us change the second statement. Since the statement is a universal positive we convert into partially positive.

Some green are trees.

Now the question is in the form.

3. We know that Universal positive and partially positive will not lead to conclusion.

Hence the answer is no conclusion.

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